Is it taking too long, and costing too much money to make updates to your website? Have to pay a developer to update something simple?


Gain complete control over your website content with easy editing, the ability to launch campaigns overnight, all while turning your website into a lead generating machine.

StudioAlmond will take your website from Wordpress, Craft CMS or Wix and migrate it to Webflow. As we are developers, designers and recognised Webflow Experts, we ensure the design is carefully translated and built using Webflow best practices. 

  1. Pixel perfect design
    So your existing website design comes through to your new mobile-friendly website built in Webflow, pixel perfect.

  2. A user-friendly content management system
    Webflow makes our client's lives easier with a supercharged CMS that allows you to create and edit content right on your website without the messy backend.

    Work with Webflow Experts
    By working directly with Webflow Experts, you will be empowered with insight and guidance, all within our fixed cost. We provide detailed explanations of options available to you and make recommendations throughout.

What does the engagement look like

StudioAlmond will use your existing website from Wordpress, Craft CMS, Wix or any other platform and re-build it in the Webflow. As we are developers, designers and recognised Webflow Experts, we ensure the design is carefully translated and built using Webflow best practices. 

What is included

We will rebuild your current website page by page in Webflow, migrate all text, copy, and on-page SEO data to the new website. Your old website vulnerabilities, bugs, and bad practices will be left behind as migration to Webflow requires a fresh rebuild in the Webflow platform.

All sites that are built using the Webflow CMS extensively to ensure there is no requirement for a developer moving forward.

What is not included

<Alex to update, not too sure on this one> As we are rebuilding your site like for like, there will be no new design or functionality. We will build page by page, so this service does not include new pages or additional content. If new pages are required this can be scoped before the project begins.


Use the calculator below to work out a rough cost for migrating your website to Webflow, and schedule a call to discuss in detail with our Technical Director Alex.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your project. During this discovery call we will review your project details and get to know each other to ensure we are the right culture fit for you.

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Atolla - Migration

Fab 9 - Migration


02. I have access to my current website code, can I move this to Webflow and use this?

01. How long will it take to complete my project?


There are a lot of smart cookies out there, so why work with us?

  • You work directly with the company owners and directors, Alex and Monica to build and launch your new site.
  • Having built websites in almost every other language, we chose Webflow, as it offers the most flexibility and reliability for our clients.
  • We are results-focused and only work on projects we believe will give you a return on your investment.
  • Our projects are fixed priced, so you can plan budgets with confidence.
  • We provide guarantees on our work.
  • All projects build to remove the need for maintenance retainers.

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