The double-sided blind assumption that will cause your software project to fail.

by Alex Murton – Managing Director


Building a digital product or website is like building a house. Unfortunately, most businesses and entrepreneurs go straight to the builder rather than the architect, and then they're surprised when things don't work the way they expected.

Businesses are not to blame, and neither is the developer. What's happening is a double-sided blind assumption.

Firstly, for business owners, there is an assumption that because a developer can technically code something, they will know precisely how product features need to work. This includes how they should feel to users and customers from a user experience perspective, as well as scale from a revenue and geographical perspective.

While developers assume that their client, the business owner or entrepreneur, has everything figured out; - this alludes to a core trait of web developers that need to be understood.

Developers love clear, concise instructions. These instructions allow developers to enter a flow state and create their best work.

Without these, your venture is doomed never to launch.

If we turn the above assumptions into an equation, it looks something like this:

client + developer = successful product build.

Unfortunately, this equation is incomplete for success, and thereby adopting this will most likely assign your venture to the "never launched" pile.

If you revise this equation to the following, then you're more likely to succeed in your pursuit:

client + knowledge + developer = successful product build.

Most software projects fail because a client and developer believe each other to have the knowledge variable of this equation, while in most cases, neither party does. 

Now replace knowledge with an experienced digital architect who has operated as both a client, solo web developer, team developer, and who knows both a client and developers weaknesses. Engaging with a digital architect with this level of experience can bridge the gap and advise both sides. Your likelihood of a successful outcome will increase exponentially.