Sick of relying on developers so you can make changes to your website?

We'll rebuild your Wordpress, Squarespace, Craft, Wix or custom website on Webflow within 4 weeks.


This time next month, you could have complete website autonomy and be able to make all changes without a developer.


Studio Almond will refer to your existing website on Wordpress, Squarespace, Craft, Wix or any other platform, and re-build it on the Webflow platform within 4 weeks.

As highly experienced designers and developers, we are also Webflow Official Partners and one of the first Webflow Experts, and ensure your website is carefully translated and built using Webflow best practices.


We choose Webflow because it makes our client's lives easier offering a powerful CMS that allows you to create and edit content live on your website, so there's no need to navigate a messy backend content management system.


Pixel Perfect Design

So your existing website design comes through to your new mobile-friendly website built in Webflow, pixel perfect.

A user-friendly content management system

Webflow makes our client's lives easier with a supercharged CMS that allows you to create and edit content right on your website without the messy backend.

Work with Webflow Experts

By working directly with Webflow Experts, you will be empowered with insight and guidance, all within our fixed cost. We provide detailed explanations of options available to you and make recommendations throughout.

Write and edit — right on your site

With Webflow there’s no need to navigate a messy backend CMS. Using the Webflow Editor you can create and edit content right on your page, preview and publish to the site with the click of a button.

Create and publish new content in minutes

Adding new content is as easy as filling out a form. You can even write new content right on the page to see exactly how it will look once it’s live.


We review your current website and provide a page-by-page fixed cost breakdown with an accompanying project timeline.


We finalise the project brief, and once you’ve paid your deposit, we lock in your project based on the timeline and get started.


We build all pages across desktop, tablet and mobile, and once done, we share a link for you to review the site and provide feedback.


We provide you with all the documentation and walk-through videos you need on how to use your new website.


The website is put through final testing by yourselves and us, and once signed off, the project balance is paid.


We transfer the website to your own Webflow account so we can launch the website on your desired live date.


All projects are priced on a per-page basis.


•  Responsive development
•  Full CMS implementation
•  Content Population
•  SEO Migration
•  CMS Walkthrough videos
•  Post 30-day launch support


Tell us a bit about yourself and your project. During this discovery call we will review your project details and get to know each other to ensure we are the right culture fit for you.



Meghan Maupin
Co-Founder & CFO


“I’ve really enjoyed working with Studio Almond over the last several months. I am the founder of an early-stage consumer start-up, Atolla, and we wanted to build a version of our website in Webflow so that our Marketing and Design teams could test things on our site withot needing our in-house engineers.

Studio Almond did an amazing job transfering our site over to Webflow, showing us how to use it, and even building new page templates for us when needed. We’re so happy with their work that we are working with them for a new site design project!”



Murdoch Razmi
Managing Director


"I loved working with the team at Studio Almond. They'll helped to migrate my website from Wordpress to Webflow, and then following that success, we started to work on a new design for the site.

After creating a design in-house, Studio Almond were able to work with the files to provide the new website within a month, and with little involvement from us.

Our conversation rate increased on launch and has continued to climb, while our new lead value also tripled. I now recommend Studio Almond to all my clients."



Bernardo Mendonça
Technical Business Analyst


"Fantastic team to work with.

We were working on a migration from Wordpress to Webflow and Studio Almond were amazing on addressing our needs and setting up our CMS structure for an easy maintenance. The whole project from brief to deployment took less than a month and communication was always on point.

100% recommend."


We're always on hand to answer questions, in the meantime, here are a few to get your started.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Most projects take 4 weeks to cover all development, client side checks, and the launch of your website. Some larger sites may take longer, however, we’ll include a detailed timeline following your project consultation.

I have access to my current website code, can I move this to Webflow and use this?

Unfortunately not. As Webflow is a proprietary platform, all websites need to be built from scratch in the Webflow ecosystem.

I’ve seen there are a lot of resources for building a website on Webflow, can’t I just build this myself? Why do I need Studio Almond?

There are a lot of great resources available, however, a platform and CMS like Webflow is only as good as it's implementation.

We find clients have the most success by getting their core project built by an expert, and then and if they want to be hands on, use the available Webflow resources to guide them moving forward.

Can I host my Webflow website myself?

In order to gain access to all the great CMS and hosting features, all Webflow sites must be hosted through Webflow’s AWS system. All hosting plans include uptime, automatic backups, new features as they are released, and security updates. All of this removes the requirement for monthly maintenance retainers that are usually associated with platforms such as Wordpress.

There are a lot of bugs with my current website, will the migration process remove these?

As the migration process requires us to rebuild your site from scratch, all bugs that relate to the code will not be transferred to your new website.

Any bugs you are experiencing from 3rd party plugins would need to be resolved with the respective plugin developer.

After my website is complete, do I need to continue using Studio Almond?

Not at all. We do not lock clients into any agreements, and ensure that once your project launched, you have everything you need to be empowered in your business, without replying on a developer.

Do you offer any support after my website launch?

We offer a 30 day post launch support to ensure that should you have any questions that arise, we're on hand to help.

Who owns the website once it is built?

Once you have completed payment for your project, we transfer this to your own Webflow account where you have full control and ownership of your website.


There are all sorts of smart cookies who could potentially help you with this project.

So why work with us?

You work directly with us.

All our design and development work is executed by our company directors Alex and Monica, who you’ll work directly with for the duration of our project.

All projects built to remove the need for maintenance retainers.

We know that by empowering clients, their businesses will grow, and this will result in more business over time. As a result, all of our work is built to remove the need for maintenance or support retainers. We use Webflow CMS extensively to ensure that all content can be updated without limitations.

Our projects are fixed priced, so you can plan budgets with confidence.

There is nothing worse than being given a price, for it to change half-way through a project. We understand the pain, and so all our work is fixed price with no hourly fees. If the project takes longer, then that’s on us, and you don’t pay a cent more.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your project. During this discovery call we will review your project details and get to know each other to ensure we are the right culture fit for you.


We only take on two new clients per month, so book your consultation now to discuss next steps for your project.


Provide detail on your project and book your free 30 minute consultation.

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