Need a world-class website?
You need
Webflow (and us).

Need a world-class website?? You need Webflow (and us).

Need a world-class website?
You need Webflow (and us)

Need a world-class website?? You need Webflow (and us).

Need a world-class website?
You need Webflow (and us)

Need a world-class website?? You need Webflow (and us).

Need a world-class website?
You need Webflow (and us)

Need a world-class website?? You need Webflow (and us).

Here's what we've done for other clients.

Why are we so in love with Webflow?

Because it’s first-rate. Webflow gives you total control over your business website design – no hacking templates (bye-bye Wordpress). It also comes with a ridiculously simple editing interface for clients, so updating your site feels as easy as putting a Google Doc together.

Visual Editor
Content Management

Design and Marketing Teams: Happy Days

Good design – it’s all in the detail, which is why seeing creative concepts ‘translated’ into web can be… depressing for designers and marketing teams. Webflow makes it fast and easy to get pixel-perfect designs up onto the web. Then the intuitive on-page editing lets you make quick changes without calling in your developers.

Alex and his team built out our website in Webflow for an important company launch on an ambitious timeline. He was communicative every step of the way, letting us know what his team could get done in our short timeline (which was a lot!) .

I most appreciated Almond’s expertise in how best to use Webflow in a way that’s easy to maintain and build upon. We’ll be working with them again to overhaul our Webflow project, rebuilding it to be cleaner, easier to maintain, and more sophisticated.

Camille Esposito
Senior Brand Designer

Business Owners: Get Growing

It might be just you tinkering away or a 100-person company, but with a seriously good website no one needs to know either way. Webflow makes building exceptional sites remarkably simple. Updating your site is as easy as writing an email so you can get blogs up, change out products or add pages without a developer. Also? Webflow integrates seamlessly with many of the tools your business is already using.

"I have worked with Almond over the last 12 months to develop a complex project management web application. Alex and Monica's technical and creative skills (as well as a multitude of additional skills) are absolutely world class and have been invaluable to the success of my business. I have received incredible feedback and am regularly asked who built and designed the application."

Marica Forst
Founder & CEO

Agencies: Time to put your feet up

We know what it’s like having to scramble around for decent web developers when there’s work that needs doing. Scramble no more. With Webflow (and us) you get your uncompromisingly excellent design converted to web, from good people for a fixed price. Then you can make small changes back at HQ. The tool’s flexibility also means you’re not tied into one developer.

With Almond we can produce web designs in-house and make money from the development phase without the headache of running our own dev team.

When ready, we send our designs to Almond for development, they confirm a delivery date and we can sit back knowing we’ll get the perfect site, on time, for a fixed price.

After launch we can then handle  updates and content management, which gives us ongoing revenue – this partnership has transformed our agency.

White Label Client
Founder & Director

Who even is Studio Almond?

Almond is a studio of two, doing insanely big things. Alex, our technical director, and Monica, our creative director, have both worked internationally from London to Berlin on clients like Apple, Universal, Moby, Jo Malone and the BBC.

Now they’ve joined forces to make special things for awesome clients. They’re good at what they do and are also radically honest. That means they’re open, ready to be vulnerable and don’t hold with bullshit. And they’re nice. Really nice, which is good, being hard to work with serves no one.

Their goal? To exceed expectations – yours and theirs. Those are some high standards to live up to, which is why Harvey, their pug, and highly valued team member, keeps them humble with a weekly grumble – that’s many, many pugs zooming around in circles and making their humans laugh.

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