Almond Labs

A free community for lifestyle brands who want to scale on Shopify. Connect with other retail, beauty, wellness and luxury businesses to collaborate, learn and grow.


An inspiring space for likeminded professionals working within ecommerce.



“We are so lucky to have access to Roadmap membership to help lifestyle brands grow faster and more profitability than their competitors.”

Members get access to:


Explore our extensive classroom hub, featuring courses on Shopify features, ecommerce foundations, results-driven strategies, web design best practices and more.

Watch masterclasses from specialists in Shopify, marketing, PR and more.

Utilise the private chat feature to strike up partnerships with likeminded brands.

Attend events hosted by Studio Almond to learn from expert speakers and connect with community members in-person.

Engage in open discussions with community members to ask questions, share insights and ideas, and make connections.

Watch webinars and join live sessions to dig into ecommerce case studies where we explore successes and learnings to gain valuable insights while providing opportunities for members to share their knowledge with one another.


Almond Labs is a space for lifestyle brands who value good design, compelling UX and are looking to scale on Shopify. If that sounds like you, apply to join our free community.

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