A remastered interpretation - Deadly Ponies x Studio Almond on Shopify Plus

Alex Murton
Tuesday, August 1, 2023

This January we embarked on an exciting journey with the iconic brand Deadly Ponies.

Months of thoughtful discussions, design and meticulous planning culminated in a successful migration and launch of their revamped website on Shopify Plus on the 24th of July.

From Proprietary Woes to Shopify Excellence

Previously tethered to a proprietary system that often buckled under sales surges or other unpredictable scenarios, Deadly Ponies sought a more stable, reliable solution. Our team orchestrated a smooth migration to Shopify Plus, ensuring the platform efficiently powers both their New Zealand global operations and the dedicated AU store.

An Embodiment of Brand Essence

Our admiration for Deadly Ponies is no secret. Their unwavering commitment to design quality, product excellence, and a transparent ethos mirrors our own values. Translating these shared principles into a digital landscape was a passion. The result? A web design and user experience that genuinely resonate with the essence of the brand.

The website has already generated a UX and UI makes of 8.21/10 and 8.02/10 respectively so we’re looking forward to dig into and showcasing more of the features and innovations that we’ve bought forward with this website.

More Than Just a Website

This isn't merely about eCommerce or a platform switch. It's about celebrating the fusion of two entities valuing design, quality, and user experience. As we reflect on this collaboration, it's evident that the Deadly Ponies online space is a testament to what can be achieved when brand vision aligns perfectly with technical prowess.

For brands aspiring to blend unparalleled web design, seamless user experience, and robust eCommerce capabilities (particularly on Shopify Plus), our partnership with Deadly Ponies sets a standard we’re proud of. Dive deep into this crafted experience at Deadly Ponies' website.

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