RUBY launches on Shopify Plus!

Alex Murton
Sunday, April 9, 2023

Crafting a Gem with RUBY on Shopify Plus

It's time to shine a light on one of our standout projects - the migration, design and development for RUBY.

RUBY, a brand radiating uniqueness, brightness, inclusivity, and a playful charm, had been anchored to their decade-old website platform, grappling with various challenges. 

Before our paths crossed, RUBY had been in talks with several potential partners over a span of four years meticulously scouting for the perfect fit. We're humbled to have been recognised as that fit', helping them not just transition, but transform their digital presence.

Not Just Another eCommerce Store 

The RUBY ethos is distinct. They aren't about blending into the digital background. They stand out, and their website had to mirror that, while being highly shoppable. Our challenge wasn't only to craft a web design for an eCommerce store, but to build a digital experience that celebrated Ruby's uniqueness, openness, and flair.

Pushing Boundaries with Shopify Plus

Our endeavour with RUBY wasn't about sticking to the norms. Together, we stretched the capabilities of what was feasible on Shopify Plus at the time. The result? A pioneering benchmark for brands aiming to elevate their digital stature on Shopify Plus. 

Empowerment Through Design

One of our primary goals was to bestow Ruby with unparalleled control - be it content curation, user-generated content (UGC), or any facet of their digital ecosystem. And as we reflect on our journey, we believe we've achieved just that. 

But, as with any evolving asset, it's a continuous work in progress. We're thrilled at the prospect of further refining and enhancing features, ensuring RUBY’s platform isn't just another website but a dynamic tool propelling their brand and growth forward.

Explore the full site here.

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RUBY launches on Shopify Plus!

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RUBY launches on Shopify Plus!

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RUBY launches on Shopify Plus!